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Have an astonishing trippy adventure in a magical forest. Your main goal is to defeat the Great Lord Butt'n'Ass who slowly fills the forest with strange creatures. But you also may have fun in the arcade club or even turn yourself into one of the characters. You'll meet up with some grotesque monsters, hilarious characters and charismatic final boss on a four different locations on your quest.

The game features gore and a lot of strange and nearly mad events. It uses both my own characters, interpritations of characters from Over The Garden Wall series and other ones. I originally made it for my friend Johnny, but it accidentally turned into a bigger project.

There are 6 secret locations in this game, 2 secret weapons and 1 secret way to defeat the final boss.


Z / Enter / Space - interract; accept
X / Insert - menu; cancel
Arrow keys / NumPad - movement

Also there's a poster.


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Magical Quest.zip 247 MB
RTPen.reg 458 bytes


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"The RPG Maker 2003 Runtime Package is not present or not registered" when trying to run the game... :(

Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention that problem in the readme file. What you need to do is to download RPG Maker 2003 runtime pack which I just uploaded. After executing, the file will ask you to add it to your Windows registry. That should work ;)

Allright, I executed the RTPen.reg file and I could run the game! But... I was talking to the drunk teacher, and I believe a fight starts there and... It crashes to Windows: "The file [weird letters] cannot be opened".

BTW what you uploaded is not the actual RTP, right? It's just a .reg file.

Ok, I think that the only solution to your problem is to google it. My game tester had checked that issue and the game worked just fine. Sorry, but I can't help you :(

Could it be because some files/folders have Japanese names?

I think, it could not, since everyone I asked can play the game normally. I have no idea why this happens, so I strongly recommend googling it.

Hello! Is there a trailer or a demo for the game?

Currently there is no demo or a trailer, but I'll try to arrange something on your request.

Thanks! I was wondering if it's an RPG, or an adventure, or a mix of both... If it has combat (TB, real-time?)... :)

The game's engine is RPG Maker 2003, so the overworld and the combat system are very similar to JRPGs like Final Fantasy 2 or indie games like Space Funeral and OFF.