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Here's a tech demo of the game I'm currently working on. I just want to show the main mechanics, so you won't see anything special here. Anyway, you can walk around and hit street lights with your toad tongue. Yeah, by the way, those are toads.


  • Z - proceed / stick out tongue
  • Arrows - move / control the direction of tongue

The plot will tell you about the horrible events that happened in a swamp city tonight. The statue of the first swamp president was stolen from a museum by an unknown criminal. Now it's up to you to get it back till the morning. The main hero is a toad detective who is broadcasting his adventures on TV in live action. His special ability consists of sticking out an incredibly long tongue, although that's obviously not a thing if you're a toad.

You can follow the development and see some pics and gifs on my tumblr page or twitter,

Please feel free to comment and tell me if anything is wrong.  

Published Nov 26, 2017
Tags2D, claymation, police, quest, toads, weird

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